A typical house doesn't have technology as a key feature. This is not a typical 🏠

There are dozens of unique technological choices that were carefully considered throughout, but of specific attention were the materials used, industrial-grade electrical wiring, internet and intranet connectivity, and the engineering required for key architectural features. 


  • A metal house in the desert is expected to be hot. Not this one. Taking a page from space-design the GCH uses a pure 100% aluminum foil (not unlike that used in outer-space craft) which simply reflects all the heat back out to space preventing it from entering the house.

  • High-strength, machine-cut and assembled wood joints to support the overarching architectural details throughout the house.

  • Factory-grade 3-Phase electrical wiring allowing for charging of EV's at 40Kwh (80 miles per hour charged) as well as heavy-duty machinery for ANY workshop project imaginable.

  • Gigabit, sound, and coaxial cable connectivity in all corners of the house. Engineered from the ground up to be a house for the future you can be online, in-tune, and plugged into the top connectivity speeds around.